www.vanillachild.com Great job on the photos SUNNY! www.vanillachild.com Great job on the photos SUNNY! 

                                                 Teena Marie Detroit

          Concert 06-30-06 Pictures


Keith Washington Opens the show

Keith Washington doing his thing for Teena

Local radio personality announces Teena to the stage

A "Rick James Party" don't stop!

Funkin' for the KING OF FUNK!

Keeping it "Cold Blooded"

Teena singing with a member of  "The Temptations"

Teena's Backup...they can SANG YALL!

Work it TEE!

Chene Park, what a beautiful place!

Vanillachild member "Squarebizness" & friends from the radio  Station

Sunny's Traveling Mate and "Good Luck" charm. He's so cute!




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