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Baby Teena
Baby Tee Tee

Sexy CMR Teena
Teena CMR 2004

Just us two -cd single photo
Just us two Promo

Sent in by LarryDinDC@yahoo.com
Photo by Larrydindc@yahoo.com

Lips 2 find you promo 45 record
Teena Marie 45 promo record


Lovergirl 45 record pic sleeve
Lovergirl 45 record

Lovergirl sheet music
Lovergirl sheet music

I need your Lovin'  Motown greatest hits cassette
Classic Motown cassette

Naked to the world press release promo
Nalked to the world promo sheet

Lady Tee

Sinbad's 70's soul music festival 1995
Sinbad Music Festival 1995

Teena signing autographs 2004 "Sister 2 Sisiter" magazine
Teena "Sister 2 Sister" magazine 2004

OOOOlalalala "Soul Train" 1988
Teena Soul Train 1988

German "Square Biz" 45 record pic sleeve
Square Biz 45 

Japan "Starchild" lp record
Japanese edition "Starchild"

"Starchild" classic cassette
"Starchild" classic cassette

KBLX stone soul picnic Tshirt
Teena & Rick James tee shirt

"Emerald City" promo
Emerald City promo

Teena Marie promo

Teena promo

Teena and Rick tee shirt

Teena & Rick tee shirt

CMR Sexy Teena

CMR promo 2004

Sexy Teena 1990   promo
Sexy Tee 1990 promo 

"Irons in the fire" press promo
"Irons in the fire" promo

Teena with guitar
Teena and guitar 

Classic Teena Marie Motown promo poster
Teena Marie promo poster Motown

Tee Tee promo
Teena promo

BET Walk of Fame
Bet Walk of Fame

Teena BET Walk of Fame
BET Walk of Fame

Teena Marie promo
Naked to the world promo

Classy Tee promo
Classic Beauty

Tee with guitar
Teena and guitar

Teena V103 NJ autograph signing
Teena signing autographs at "Dusties" Matteson Il


Portugal 45 record "Portuguese Love"
Portugal "Portuguese Love" 45

Starchild promo
Starchild promo

Motown DIVA
Motown DIVA!

CMR Teena 2004
CMR promo 2004

Soul train "oooolalala" 1988
Teena Soul Train 1988

Soul Train" 1988 Oooolalala
Teena Soul Train 1988

Starchild promo
Starchild promo

Oooolalala promo

Teena on Soul Train promoting "Passion Play" 1994/1995
Teena Soul train 1994

Classic Motown sheet music "I'm a sucker for your love"
Sucker for your Love sheet music

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Teena Marie tee shirt
Teena Tee shirt

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