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Rick James 1948-2004

We will always miss you.

Teena's Tribute Poem 

For Rick James as seen on The 2005 BET Awards

Teena BET 2005         Teena BET 2005

Teena Marie & Rick James BET 2004    Teena Marie & Rick James BET 2004     

He was born James Ambrose Johnson in Buffalo New York on February 1st 1948, but the world would come to know him as Rick James. And his musical genius and slick sense of style would one day define a quantum moment in our culture. He was a brilliant composer, a gifted musician, a mystical man, and a true spokesman for my generation and generations to come. His soul sang out songs of passion and peace, joy and pain, and a deep profound spirituality. He poured his life into a cup and he shared it with the whole world. What a blessing from GOD it was for me to be able to drink from this cup whenever I was thirsty...


There was so much more to him than "Superfreak",

 Just listen to the magic of "Ghetto Life" and feel the pulse of the streets you grew up on. Danced to the infectious rhythum of "Cold Blooded" and realized how ahead of his time and just how "Cold Blooded" he really was.

When he "Busted Out on the Funk" didn't "You and I" bust out with him and didn't he blow your mind "69 Times".

You burned with a "Fire and Desire" until then you have never known. Can't you still remember who's arms you were really in and why you won't forget your one true love.


Along gated back beats still resound the KING ain't dead long live the KING.


Punk Funkin, Machismo, Freestyle, Overwhelming, hips and pelvis girating magnanimously  a true icon.


Oh they laid the bottom down, I tell you they was funkin for Mama Africa!


My Love, you spun the world on your access for a hell of a time.


And the prophet said, I think I wanna talk, pass the joint. Whoppin down eight inches to a yard, the rock was hard.


Drums and percussions tight like excellent sex. I mean it was a wall of sound, the young G's is still tryin to recreate it. Kickin ass and takin names.


One sistah sang "Stone City Band won't you Funk us on up, won't you funk us on down".

Stone City Band let the show begin because we love your sound.  






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Above poem copyright Teena Marie 2005!