Teena Marie Concert Baltimore MD 07-21-06

                                               Great job on the photos Larry!

Artscape 2006

  Baltimore MD 

Baby Vanilla (Krissy) at her first Tee concert!

Artscape festival dancer

Vanillchild view from carnival ride

Another view from ride...stage area

Break it down on the Punk Funk

Get down Ma!

Show them youngens how to do it Ma!

Lady Tee style

Funky King of Punk dance...work it

Don't hurt 'em Tee!

Julian and  backup

Tee and Morris

Tee and Morris

Break it down! Tee and Paul

Teena got your back!

Watch it Paul!

Baltimore Loving Teena!

Teena's backup! They can SANG!

Sorry ya'll...still learning this da*m camera! LOL

Teena throwing roses out to her loving fans

Artsacpe 2006 ends with fireworks!

More fireworks!

Teena's Limo 

Teena's Limo leaving the venue

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