Lady Tee in Washington DC

                                     August 26, 2006

Great job on the photos Larry and Krissy!

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Krissy at DAR Constitution Hall

Larry at DAR Constitution Hall

DAR Constitution Hall Stage Door

Teena Limo

inside Tee's limo

Oooo lalala

luxury baby

Teena's limo

Krissy at limo

Larry at limo

Big Teena fan, Tanya and her daughter Ariel, drove up from NJ!

Big Teena fan Francine W.

Francine's tatoo, pretty cool

Teena arrives at DAR, with a godchild

Teena at DAR 

Teena's limo driver "Jokey" at Duckett Limo Services

Larry and Teena talking

Teena signing

Tee signing

Larry with eyes closed! Take another one LOL!

That's better! Thank you Lady Tee!

Krissy and Teena 

Teena leaving DAR earlier in the day

Flowers from

Flowers from everyone at

The only picture of Tee performing....before camera was put away

Krissy and Julian, Teena's backup main man

Big Teena Marie fan Dee hugs Lady Tee!

Ariel gives roses to Teena and gets a hug

Teena enjoying the crowd after the concert

Tee getting in limo

security people getting in limo

Thank you Lady Tee...have a good night

Larry's Tee autograph

Larry's Tee autograph

Ready to hang on wall


Krissy's -  Teena Autograph

Its unusal to see a Tee Autograph signed "Teena Marie" and not Lady Tee

                              And for those who have never visited Washington DC!

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Larry at Washington Monument

Krissy (baby vanilla) at Washington Monument

Sky view

another sky view

Reflection Pool

The White House

The White House

The White House


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